10 Reasons To Install Sunscreens

Why should you install sunscreens?

1.Energy efficient windows are more efficient with sunscreens installed.

2.Sunscreens do not void the manufactures warranty on your windows, in fact they protect your windows form the sun and elements.

3.Sunscreens block up to 90% of the solar energy heat & extreme window glass temperature caused by the sun.

4.Sunscreens prevent up to 86% of heat transfer through glass windows.

5.Sunscreens do not touch the glass in your window frames. Sunlight is reflected out before heating your glass windows.

6.Sunscreens act as solar shades, preventing sunlight from super heating the windowpane and interior of your home.

7.Sunscreens provide added privacy to retain excellent visibility of the outside.

8.Sunscreens can lower your energy bills for electricity, saving energy each year. Window sunscreens also improve the energy efficiency rating of windows by 10-20% in the winter months by adding an extra layer of insulation on top of your energy efficient windows.

9.Saving energy is going green. The use of sunscreens helps the environment.

10.Sunscreens block up to 90% of the UV Rays that cause damage to draperies, curtains, furniture, artwork and window blinds. Sunscreens also prevent sun damage and fading the window frames themselves.

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