About 4M Sun Screens


For us that live in the Rio Grande Valley, the prospect of paying high cooling bills is not particularly welcoming. Each year, our homes are subject to heat damage that creates wear and tear, which lowers the overall value of our homes.

The damaging effects of the sun on a home’s exterior and windows can cause unnecessary repairs. Many homeowners fail to factor in the damage with higher energy costs that are the result of inadequate window insulation and protection from the sun.

In fact, during the summer, many homeowners accept that there is relatively little they can do with their home when it becomes hot and uncomfortable, other than lowering the temperature gauge on the air conditioner. This creates higher energy consumption. So, have you looked at your energy bill lately? The fact is that the cost of electricity is not going down.

Homeowners can reduce the effect of solar heat on their homes and cut heat up to 90% by installing sunscreens and in some cases reducing your energy bill by as much as 20%.

Homeowners can select from SUNTEX 80% OR 90% available in Black, Brown, Grey, Stucco and Beige. Heavy duty extruded frames .48 gauge available in White, Bronze, Champagne and Beige. We also do custom design with grids for your existing windows in colonial or picture frame design.

4M Sunscreens is a Rio Grande Valley area Company that specializes in Sunscreens. We install, replace and repair Screens and Sunscreens. We install interior window blinds and we do Patio Enclosures.

When it comes to making and installing Sunscreens in the Rio Grande Valley, 4M Sunscreens is reputable and belongs to the Better Business Bureau. 4M Sunscreens, offers extremely competitive rates on making and installing window Sunscreens.